How to Get Smoke Smell Out of a Car

Man Smoking in Car

Getting a great car at a great price usually means buying used cars for most drivers. Unfortunately, that also means dealing with the previous driver’s minor issues left behind. Smoke, in particular, settles deep in soft textiles, and coats fibers inside your seats and surfaces. So, you may be wondering how to get smoke smell out of a car. Get smoke smell out of car surfaces with this handy guide from Mainline Chrysler.

How to Remove the Smoke Smell from Carpet and Upholstery

How to get rid of smoke smell in a car depends on whether you’re trying to get it out of carpet and upholstery, or leather. To remove smoke smell from car upholstery and carpet, grab a big box of baking soda and a vacuum. Once you’re settled, take the following steps:

  1. Vacuum the carpet and upholstery completely, and carefully. Be sure to reach under the seats and down deep seams and crevices too to make sure you grab any old ash that’s fallen into those areas.
  2. Use baking soda, an odor neutralizer that captures most unpleasant scents, by sprinkling it all over the upholstery and carpet.
  3. Once the baking soda has sat for a while, vacuum all the soft surfaces again. Repeat the process if you’re still noticing the scent in your car.
  4. Leave the open box of remaining baking soda in your vehicle overnight to continue removing any leftover scent from the air.

How to Remove the Smoke Smell From Leather and Trim

Smoke smell can also permeate leather, and leave a residue on other surfaces. A special cleaner that’s made specifically for the surface that needs cleaning is required in these instances. For example, use a cleaner specifically made for leather or for your car’s dashboard. If you’re cleaning leather or vinyl, use the cleaning solution multiple times, since smoke can end up deep below the surface of leather and trim. Multiple cleanings can ensure you’ve fully removed the scent, and the residue left behind.

What About Other Areas in Your Car?

Once your upholstery, carpet, and trim are cleaned, it’s time to work on the other surfaces in your car. Wipe down your windows, the front and back windshield, and replace your air filter, since smoke smell can also end up in the air vents.

Find Your Perfect Vehicle at Mainline Chrysler

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